Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So magical right now

Sunday began with a question: what's taking up space on my mac? It was a good question, considering that somehow, in less than two years, I managed to fill a 100 gb hard drive to the max and beyond. I had a feeling that this problem had something to do with music, but, obviously, was unwilling to admit the possibility.

And yet, I was desperate. Desperate enough to type my question into Google, full text, question mark and all, despite the fact that I know search engines do not work that way.

AND YET. The first site I found? Perfect. It was a Digg link to Disk Inventory X, a tiny, free program that can digitally inventory your hard drive and then create a visual representation of what goes where, finally answering the question: why is my startup disk constantly on the brink of disaster? Basically, the chunkier the color block, the more suspiciously large the set of files it represents. But since I recognize this is gibberish, a picture will do:

After mere seconds with Disk Inventory X, I realized that about 20 gb was devoted to nothing more than the raw files for a video project from high school, (which, weirdly, is on IMDB—check it out, I'm almost famous! The Scientific Method.) With my trusty WD Passport External Hard Drive in hand, those puppies were banished off my computer's hard drive in minutes. Well, more like 2 hours, but it was so magical that I didn't even mind.

Finally, enough space on my computer for the new iPhoto! But that story, dear reader, will just have to wait.

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