Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ways to win the lottery

I am a very, very amateur photographer. I guess I approach photography like a giant, mad lottery, where the more photos I take in rapid succession on my point-and-shoot digital cameras, the better the chances of a good one popping up out of nowhere. I had grand aspirations to photography even before digital cameras exploded onto the scene, but analog photography was not a great way to learn through trial and error. Mostly because each "error" cost money to print up, if I even remembered to take my film to the drug store.

All of this is to say that I like taking photos of shoes. When I'm with friends, madly click-clicking away, I'll really point the camera anywhere—parking structure, nose, corner of building, patch of grass. But some of my favorite pictures have come from wheeling the camera around and shooting pictures of people's feet.

So, it was really exciting to stumble upon The Shoe Project, wherein photographer Ellen Ugelstad pairs photos of people's faces with photos of their shoes. Her photographs are obviously way better than mine, but I really like where she's going with this.



As you can see, her photos are perfect. Now if only I had a better camera...

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