Friday, November 2, 2007

Futures Past

A few weeks ago, my dad gave me a call. "I just read about this blog, Paleo-Future, in the Wall Street Journal! They post old depictions of the future! I think you would love it!"
..."And maybe you can even blog about it!"

Sure enough, I loved it. Smart, inventive, and bringing something genuinely new to the table, Paleo-Future: A Look into the Future that Never Was is everything the blogs of the future should have been and, often, aren't. It is always, always a treat to look at the pictures Matt finds. For example, the picture above? That's a 1931 Restaurant Robot, and, also, incidentally: that's amazing. There's so much to learn about the past from looking at how it thought the future would be, and so much to learn about our own futures, too.

I think it's pretty fitting that instead of sending me a link to a blog he'd found on the Internet, my dad called me to tell me about a blog he read about in his paper copy of the Wall Street Journal. It seems like some fantastically skewed and endearing version of how the past would have envisioned the venerable blogosphere. And so, in keeping with this old school vibe, I'm going to leave my praise for Paleo-Future here, and just let the pictures speak for themselves.

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