Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boots Made for Sloshing

Last year, I survived a very cold Cambridge winter without the following supplies:

1) Gloves and/or mittens
2) Hat and/or hood
3) Umbrella (in Cambridge, sometimes people use umbrellas for snow. That is, if they are lucky/undumb enough to own one.)
4) Boots of any description

Oh, and:

5) A working brain.

Yes, it is true. Out of a fearsome mix of stubbornness, inertia, and being broke, I somehow barreled through last winter without many of the supplies that, in fact, make winter bearable. I will spare you the details, but let's just say that old, ratty running shoes are generally not waterproof objects.

This winter, though, I got smart. -er. I'm still umbrellaless, but do you see me fretting? No you do not. Because I have something better: the greatest winter boots ever created.

Boots and Twister 2, originally uploaded by galacticsupersleuth.

Allow me to extol the virtues of Tretorn's Skerry Vinter W boots. First: they are great. Second: they are sturdy, basic, and yet at the same time just a little bit cute. Third: synthetic fur lining! Fourth: WATERPROOF.

I really cannot stress that last point enough. They keep out the water. I had no idea how important that was, but trust me: old, ratty sneakers are not waterproof. Skerry Vinter W boots are waterproof. And also not too expensive, at a handy $60. Now I know, I know, that's a little bit steeper than those flashy rubber galoshes from Target. Guess what? Those break, and are better at sloshing around on your feet than sloshing your feet through puddles and muck. Skerry Vinter W boots may have a name that makes no sense, but they will take good care of you.

Now if only Tretorn made a snow umbrella...

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