Thursday, January 24, 2008 > Imeem

So. Remember when I reluctantly endorsed imeem? The ad-supported music-on-demand "social network"? Okay, well: endorsement rendered somewhat moot. As I said a few weeks ago, it "definitely delivers on the music front, and I've started using imeem to delve into bands that I find through" This was true. But also cumbersome. Messing around with a couple windows and a pile of imeem tabs was, well, a mess.

Tada! Mess averted.

According to the Bits blog over at the New York Times, today opened up its entire catalog of 3.5 million songs to play-on-demand status. You can only demand each song 3 times, sadly. But demand you can, and demand you will!

The true genius of this, to me, is that is the medium through which I've already chosen to receive my music. The consumers have spoken, and is a clear favorite. How easy, and how sensible, for all of us to take our little digital feet and patter over to the ad-supported songs on demand.

I haven't tried out this new feature yet, partly because my regular laptop is super broken and holed up in the fixit shop. But also, I find myself weirdly devoid of the usual sense of New Gadget Imminent Try-and-Enthuse. and I? We're old pals. This time, there's no way that enthuse is going to morph into refuse. At some point, I'll report back in a leisurely fashion. In the meantime, though, don't be surprised if you hear the light pattering of digital feet—off in the distance, dancing to whatever music they please.


Anonymous said...

i was wrong maybe a honda

Menish said...

I like that Imeem has a bunch of full songs (maybe not legal) , but like you, I use to find music and I end up using Imeem has an alternative.