Saturday, February 9, 2008

Video: The Ghost of Mario, or, How I Learned to Type

Mario's Ghost: How I Learned to Type from Diana Kimball on Vimeo.

So! Besides trundling around on the Internet and digging up the life stories of ancient amateur magicians, I also have another hobby, and that is: making videos for the fantastic Digital Natives project at the Berkman Center. Well. I guess it's sort of my job, but it doesn't feel like a job, because it's so interesting. A job-hobby. A jobby?


Today, I shot the first few clips for an upcoming feature on typing. We're less interested in the mechanics, though, and more interested in the miniature anecdotes surrounding memories of technology. And! In the spirit of this endeavor, two of my interviewees were kind enough to record my own reckless memories on the topic.

Note: In this video, I am somewhat squished. Also, at some point I declare that I am "twenty, too," but obviously this sounds exactly like "twenty-two." Homophones, blech!

So: watch at your own risk. And if you're brave and gullible enough to jump in on this, there's still time! Just shoot me a line at diana (dot) kimball (at) gmail (dot) com.

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