Monday, March 17, 2008

The Temptation of Tumblr

Tumblr is tempting. I'm not going to lie. Blogger? It is old. It does not have a very rich ecosystem of progress. It is not sleek and stark. And there are not very many browser buttons to drag, drop, and admire.

Carrie's recent leap to Tumblr made me wonder whether this fashionable service could solve all of my problems. I very much like the format of Tumblr blogs, and I really like the subtle industrial-strength patterned backgrounds, and I like the brower buttons that make posting ridiculously painless. Then again, though, if posting were painless then I would probably post all of the very interesting things I find on the internet every day. And then you would all know how much time I spend on the internet every day. Which is a lot.

Also, I'm not sure if I'm actually fashionable enough for Tumblr. It's missing an "e."


Plus: nice work, Carrie! You are certified fashionable, and also full of interesting things to say.


spork said...

I kept a tumblr for a while as part of a Wexley study, actually. I can't edit it anymore (they took it away when the study was over), but it's still online (my fas username is my tumblr username).

I liked it a lot. Great concept, pretty interface, etc. But as I look at my digital life I'm not sure I have bandwidth for *another* blog. I've got an LJ, a more legit blog, and I write for quench... do I really want to add another thing?

Xu said...

I think tumblr serves a totally different purpose. Microblogging, they call it? It's a scrapbook rather than a journal. You're absolutely right in that you would post more junk: the format just lends itself. For example, my Tumblr is full of crap that I post at 5 AM when I feel the need to broadcast my thoughts to the world but don't feel like writing a blog post:

While I agree blogspot is not the answer, I'd say you should switch your blog over to Wordpress if anything, and hope that maybe Tumblr comes out with a cute API that you stick on the sidebar at some point.

Daniel said...

Marco, one of Tumblr's two employees, went to my high school!

Deborah said...

I don't entirely get what Tumblr...does...

My god, I'm turning into my mother already. Technologically, 22 is the new 40.

Zack said...

check out my tumblr, i switched off of blogger.

Let me know if you join