Friday, April 25, 2008

ROFLCon: It's On.

In a few hours, I'll be waking up, putting on a red shirt, and walking out the door to ROFLCon. This is the conference I've been scheming about all year long, in the company of an outrageously talented and lovable team, chock full of new best friends. All of a sudden, it's time.

If you're wondering whether this blog will come back, and be something that happens more than once a month, the answer is: yes! The truly weird thing about putting together a Conference of the Internet is that it makes it much harder to spend actual time on the internet. Time other than that spent on email, of course—a pursuit which has opened its jaws wide enough to swallow half of every day, lately! It's worth every minute of it, though. But, yes. There are so many things that have drifted past without being pinned down on inked screens. I haven't even divulged my latest historical venture! A short history of home repair magazines and romance. Really.

So. Tomorrow will be exciting. See you there, everybody. Thank you for making this real.

(You can follow some of the action on my brand-new Twitter account! dianakimball.)

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