Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Week on the Tim & Diana Show

The Rules of the Tim & Diana Show

1) It is never called the Tim & Diana Show.
2) The name changes every week.
3) The only two people on the show are Tim & Diana.
4) Sometimes Tim interviews Diana; sometimes the other way around.
5) Other people can appear on the show, but only under the name of Tim or Diana.
6) There will be no editing.
7) It will happen on Saturdays.
8) It will be absurd.

You can catch the first two episodes at, and further episodes every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

If you enjoy hearing about breath mints and misadventures, there is a strong likelihood that you will enjoy the above interview with me, performed by a splendidly disingenuous Tim Hwang. I just looked up the word "disingenuous" to make sure it meant what I thought it meant, and it totally did. Such definitional synergy is an auspicious start to an illustrious series of fake talk shows! I think we can all agree on that.


My name is David Fisher said...

Awesome. I love it.

Annemarie said...

hey, you've got it in some kind of feed so now the "above interview" is the one from this week. just so's you know! xoxoxo!