Sunday, June 22, 2008

She is Very Famous for Her Donkey-Tree

Without regular internet access, I am forced to plunder the depths of my own computer for items of interest. Yesterday, I was doing a brief scan of my hard drive, and noticed two areas bursting with unexpected material. One was my small fortune of TED talks. The other was the set of PDF scrapbooks containing everything I wrote, drew, or performed between the ages of 0 and 18. Gems included: a photograph of me dressed as Helen Keller, a timeline of my future successes (I was supposed to be a published author by now, several times over), and the drawing above. You will notice that it is a spaceship. Or, as I dubbed it, a "space-ship." I drew this when I was in third grade. 1995. No joke. See text below:

"My Scientist is preparing to make a trip in her space-ship to try to go beyond our solar system, so that she can do research on Aliens. She has never failed any task, and is very famous for her Donkey-Tree. Her name is Frances Limodock, and she is 39 years old. Dr. Limodock will be leaving tomorrow for Outer Space."

Yes. Yes she will.

Thanks go to my incredible mom for making these PDF scrapbooks possible, in every sense of the word. Also, for making me possible.


NmL said...

wow... and I thought I had enough testing *before* college.

Just wanted to let you know -- we saw the footage the DN interns shot during the year. The ROFLCon stuff was fun and "How I Learned to Type" was very cute. Just letting you know I'm blogrolling you.

Annemarie said...

you are sooooo sweet! I am also very famous for my donkey-tree. although really it is more of a mule-tree, that name somehow didn't stick. ;)