Tuesday, December 30, 2008


virginia, originally uploaded by Diana Kimball.

There was an orchard without many trees. A hayride jostled through a harmless nightmare—Rugrats, anonymous witches, the Lion King looming out of shadows. All clamoring, surreptitiously, on plywood silhouettes painted by hand. They beckoned with uncanny familiarity. So the clotted sky was flat and iridescent, we looked up.


Dean said...

Great picture

Scott Lackey said...

Great language...gorgeous image.

What are the objects on the tower that look like
arrows, a person, etc?

Diana Kimball said...

Thank you! I believe the "person" on the tower is actually a rendition of King Kong. The arrows were probably pointing to "Free Cider!" Cox Orchards was incredibly surreal. I was so happy to be in Virginia in autumn.