Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Tim & Diana Show, or: Endings

I woke up. Bought a bottle of rootbeer for Tim, and despondently ate some cinnamon-sugar pita chips. Then, walked across lawns to get to where he was. Because one year ago today, Tim Hwang and I recorded the first episode of The Tim & Diana Show, so today we recorded the last one. It’s about endings, and I’ll be sad to see it go.

On May 23, we are throwing a release party at Berkman Squared. What we are releasing: a DVD set of the entire series, seriously. I would love to see you there.

Thank you to all of our very patient guest stars over the past 28 episodes—Carrie, moot, Chris Kelty, JD Connor, Deb, Kristen, Matt, Annemarie, Sarah, and Allie. Thank you also to Amar, who laughed silently while filming the final first episode, and Jared and the team at blip.tv, who have hosted the show the entire time and then we met them at SXSW and said hello. And, finally, thank you to Tim, for being the best pretend talk show co-host of all time. Mostly, though, for being an incredible friend.

When I move to Golden Gate Boston, I'll miss him dearly.


Phil Dokas said...

It was a good run! Secondarily, I bought a maroon Sam's shirt just two days ago!

D.Yvette Wohn said...

I feel the same way because I'm leaving Boston too, it's like a chapter is closing and though I know a new chapter will begin, I really want to hold on to this chapter.

Michael McDaniel said...

Leaving college & leaving my best job ever were both really distressing for me, but each kept me on a growth trajectory and led me on a path very different from people who chose to stay in those situations. In retrospect, I'm happy with the journey.