Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meanwhile, Everything Else

wyoming, originally uploaded by Diana Kimball.

Excerpts from letters sent in the space between graduation and San Francisco.

0528 Endtimes, my friend calls them, are truly surreal. Love, mourning, boredom. Final revelations, disappointments, surprises.

0531 Brittany and Kelly, in red and white dresses, outside of a sweating tent.

0601 Dark out, cotton shorts, cough calmed by a hot shower.

0603 Everything's down but brass tacks, thin flags, ‘a game of hidden identity.’

0609 There were tendrils of green everywhere….I have to believe, feelings are just waiting in line, patiently, waiting to be simply felt.

0610 And: manic pixie dream girls, love, and expectations.

0614 Where I am: in an airport, belongings hanging from my shoulder, between Chicago and Toronto.

0621 Now, she is asleep in the pink plush rocker, softly snoring.

0630 There are: gladiolas, yellow vinyl chairs, teal sheets. I love walking into the wind, and all the low warehouses, down wide sidewalks.

0705 Anything new, (which is everything),


*“Plunder,” by A.R. Ammons.

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