Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Fire Hydrant's Siren Song

I'm toying with the idea of taking a picture a day in 2008. See, right now, there are about 3.65 days a year when I take a hundred pictures, and 361.35 days a year when I take none. This is ridiculous! Especially since the 365 pictures I end up with are in no way representative of my year, and are in fact more representative of the fire hydrants and pieces of litter with which I became particularly enamored during 2007. Which is to say, not representative at all.

But resolution time is fast approaching, and you know what? I like resolutions. They are similar to goals, except more grandiose.

Fast-forwarding ahead to a year of pictures, though, I have already identified one loophole that I'm just going to go ahead and snip in the bud. (Yes. Snip in the bud.) For at least the month of January, my daily picture is required to contain a human. Those fire hydrants and pieces of litter are tricky, right? Bewitching, you might say. Also, patient and good at holding still. So, to all my friends and family members, I am apologizing in advance. If you start seeing a lot more flashes in January, it's not the paparazzi. It's just me, resisting the siren song of the fire hydrant down the street.

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nickd said...

hrm. do you have a flickr account? if so, you should friend me! flickr is a very good place to be posting a lot of shots, &c.