Sunday, December 30, 2007

GiPod Touch

Only a few days ago, the iPod Touch came into my life. I wish I could be sarcastic and critical about it, but honestly, I can't. Because the hype? It's real. This tiny machine is everything it promises to be, just about. And also it is my new best friend.

However, I'll (try to) spare you the gushing, and focus on one thing I've noticed. The Touch comes sans Apple Mail and Notes, even though it could easily support those clients. The reason for this odd disjunction is, most likely, an effort at product differentiation. The Touch has got a brower, which is handy, but lacks some of the fancy Apple integration of the iPhone. I think this is because we're supposed to think of the iPhone as the Real Deal, and the iPod Touch as a Pale Imitation. As long as the iPhone comes hitched to an exorbitant data plan, though, you can bet I'm rooting for the "underdog." If my iPod had Apple Mail, I would probably go ahead and use Apple Mail. BUT, since it doesn't, I've fled straight into the arms of...Google.

Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar and even Google Notebook are all gorgeously optimized for mobile viewing on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I've been accused of being a bit of a fangirl, and I can't vouch for the quality of other mobile platforms (like Yahoo's) one way or the other, but seriously—you've really got to see these sites to believe them. Side-effect? Google starts to feel an awful lot like the secret OS of the iPod Touch Internet World. Something to think about.

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