Friday, November 9, 2007

5 Things I Love about my iPod Shuffle

1. Sits comfortably on my belt loop all day long.

2. Weightless.

3. THE iPOD IS A CLIP. I'm still having trouble understanding how such greatness is possible. And I've had mine for over 6 months.
4. Smaller number of songs and screenless interface mean that I interact with my iPod shuffle as music, not as a device. I'm barely aware of the object itself, and that's pretty wonderful; it becomes an extension of me, clipped to my shoulder strap or belt loop or shirt hem. And songs come out of it. Which is a bonus.

5. As I walk along the streets of Cambridge, trying not to trip over jutting bricks in the uneven sidewalks, I will hold my shuffle between two fingers, navigating through songs (back, forward, forward), until I find one that I know is on there, and I'm navigating the sidewalks at same time, and it all becomes the same thing—the process of making my way through this world.

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Kristoffer said...

I agree with you on each and every count