Friday, November 9, 2007

"PostSecret Meets Getting Things Done"

No way!

How did I not hear about this earlier? To-Do List Blog, where people send in real, handwritten to-do lists which are then posted as artifacts of people's lives??? In the words of Blogger Buzz, "Think PostSecret meets Getting Things Done."

This is probably the most appealing way a website has ever been described to me. Ever.

As you can see, To-Do List Blog has basically combined two stationery memes—revelatory postcards and the Best Productivity System Ever—into one massively addictive meme. Efficiency, vernacular artifacts, and harmless voyeurism. How could it possibly be better?

Hmm. I might just be thinking meme-wise because of ROFLCon 2008, the Internet Meme Spectacular that I'm helping to put together. Everything's a meme! Grocery shopping is a meme! Writing things on paper is a meme! Making lists is a meme! Okay. So maybe "stationery meme" is going a little far, not to mention stretching the definition of the word "meme." But that's beside the point. Just take a look at this Boyfriend Criteria list from the To-Do List Blog, and you'll see what I mean:

Don't you just want to make your own? Slash spend 2-3 hours reading all the archives at To-Do List Blog, which, is possible I will do.

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